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Podcast Debuts
13th, 2022
Noon PST!


Soulful Rosie's Special Interview
with Nano Soma, Founder - Dr. Raghu


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Watch video for more on the science and the Power, and of Nano Soma!!

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  • Speaker/Presenter

  • Author-Life Coach

  • Radio-TV personality

  • PR-Marketing Expert

  • Proud mother-Grandmother

  • Veteran Advocate

  • Humanitarian

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'Janet is such a kind soul & has the rare trait of putting others before herself. Her dedication to helping veterans, first responders, civilians and those in need is truly one of a kind.'

                                                                                            -Andrew Lopez

                          -Marine Corps Infantry

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"Janet is the most caring, compassionate and tender person I have ever known. Those around her see how her optimism, faith, and indomitable spirit power through every obstacle life brings no matter how difficult. Janet is in everyone's foxhole."                      
                         -Barry Meuse                              Ret. Air Force    

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Rosie's favorite life quote...
      'If we could only learn to LOVE enough,      We would be the powerful People in the World!"

                                     -Emmet Fox

Meet Dr. Janet Franco
Up Close and Personal

Religious Objects

'When Love and Intent align with the Mind, Body & Spirit;
We create the Art of Soulful Living.'

                                                                     -Soulful Rosie

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Dr. Janet Franco PhD, well-known as 'Soulful Rosie' is an iconic 25-year radio personality, humanitarian, and advocate for Veterans.  Selflessly serving men and women, first responders, battered women and all others in need...

'Janet has a heart of gold and a passion to never quit. She cares deeply for Lil Christopher, after he nearly drown; she is a true Warrior."

                      -Cynthia Salmon, Grandmother


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Introducing the ‘Triple Crown Trifecta of Health and Wellness Campaign.

  Through years of research and science we have discovered the most advanced products and devices that are studied by scientists for optimum results. 

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The Loving things people say...

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"I cannot say enough about her work and friendship. Congratulations on this well-deserved award and recognition of your body of work for your fellow man."

                                      -Fielding West, Las Vegas


"What Dr. Franco is doing is truly lifesaving work. My life was saved by Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and what she and her team are doing has huge implications on the future of health care in the USA.  Watch for great things!"

                                                                -Micheal 'Bear' Claire- Retired Professional Wrestler

 Spokesperson for the'Treat NOW' Coalition



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"