'A true visionary creates her masterpiece by leading with love from the light of her heart and paves the way with her sight.'
                                                                                                                 -Sherri Carnicle

So early on in Dr. Franco's life, this became a very personal mission and a life-long search for natural solutions to the many health issues that affected so many around her. This soon encumbered mental health issues faced by Veterans returning from recent conflicts, first responders and victims of violence, including those Affected by the Las Vegas shooting.

Oct. 1 st. Las Vegas, NV 

Janet’s ultimate

goal is to set the

stage for

health reform

by exploring the



      in wellness




Over 10,000 Veterans have
been treated! 

                                                                                                   She played a leading role in the 1994                                                                                                     grass roots effort to derail an                                                                                                               FDA proposal to control                                                                                                                             supplements. she worked with the                                                                                                           marketing team to strategize a                                                                                                               plan that would become one of the                                                                                                     greatest grassroots efforts in                                                                                                               history.


     they helped lead millions in a campaign

to persuade Congress to modify the proposed                                                                                DSHEA Bill (Dietary Supplement Health and                                                                                          Education Act of 1994) to keep wellness                                                                               supplements available and out of regulatory hands.

Janet’s outgoing personality quickly found expression in radio in 1989, with a well-known health food chain. She shared her ‘Story of Faith and Miracles’ that was featured in Nevada Woman in 1996, along with a couple of television shows. During which she shared her innermost thoughts and

feelings with hundreds of interviewers with experts on health.


While outgoing, Janet is also an introspective, modest person. She eschewed attention and deflected it from herself onto those around her. She desired to show less about her and more about listeners; her previous radio show called ‘Soulful Intentions' and during meditation, she was inspired by the rose, then the term “Soulful Rosie” was born.


Using Soulful Rosie as her radio and public personality gave Janet the fun character she sought to be, out in front as the performer and still deflect the focus from Janet Franco, the person.

Nevada woman 2.jpg

After the horrendous shooting at Sandy Hook, while watching the news, she sat in tears. She knew at that moment that she was committed to doing something to bring answers to help reduce mental health and addiction issues. to date, her journey has been able to embrace the essence some would say, a touch of miracles only found over the rainbow, with dreams to still reach.


Of the two causes of mental health issues, (physical injury and disease)

 Dr. Janet saw that a combination of oxygen therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen and the Live02 oxygen system, neurofeedback, DNA nutrition and repair, powered with quantum energy technology was an extraordinary protocol to address these mental and physical health issues.


              Soulful Rosie coined them under three headings, and this became

                    Her 'Triple Crown Trifecta of Health and wellness Campaign


                'Take your power and health back all in the Palm of your hand!'

''Working with our Military, Veterans and First Responders has been an honor and a privilege."

                                     -Soulful Rosie