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Forever Dreams for America
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Join those who have long-awaited the debut of Forever Dreams for America. A multi-sensory experience; sharing the roots of our great nation, America...And those who dedicated their lives to its historic beginnings, our Veterans and other dedicated Warriors. END WARRIOR SUICIDE! Here is how!! You will be entertained, while enjoying the healing of quantum physics in the music, and holograms depicting our historic figures. Our FDFA expo brings your the greatest breakthroughs in Advanced Health Sciences! See how we have restored the brains of over 50,000 brave men and women in uniform with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other breakthroughs!

Honoring America and our Brave Warriors!

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Forever Dreams Expo

Experts have restored nearly 50,000 brains of our Warriors!!
Dr. Franco dedicated this show to her hero..
Former Secretary of the Army...Martin Hoffmann

We are truly excited to bring to you and all of our warriors, the Triple Crown of Health and Wellness for Warriors.

Please visit our Triple Crown page and pursue these advanced science modalities and products that are moving the markers of sciences. Our warriors are beginning to hear about these state-of-the-art breakthroughs. 

We invite you to our first Forever Dreams for America Expo that will debut

November of 2023.  You can buy your tickets for the expo and the live show, Forever Dreams for America here!

We encourage our vendors to book their booth early due to those who have been waiting for this event for a very long time. God Bless this great country!

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