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"Healing the Heartbreak"



"Janet is such a kind soul & has the rare trait of putting others before herself. Her dedication to helping veterans, first responders, civilians and those in need is truly one of a kind.'"                                                                                                                                                                           -Andrew Lopez

                                    -Marine Corps Infantry

TIME TO ACT - Be a part of the Soul-U-Tion. Please join our campaigns, Smart "Mug-of-Love Campaign and the national crusade "Patriots-Helping-Patriots for businesses, organizations and individuals that come on-board to become our talking heads, with the intention to get to our heroes before they hurt themselves or worse. Our Imagine N.O.W. (Nurturing our Warriors) buttons will be available by March 1st, 2023. Our postcards will also be available by March 1, 2023  to be handed them out as needed. This shares the information on how and where they can get the help they need! Become a Patriot member, so it gives us the means to sign up more locations that are willing to join this incredible healing campaign for our heroes. It is a way to help and it's FREE to wear the buttons and hand out our postcards with the vital information needed for them.


Join our mailing list for all the updates! Soulful Rosie will be interviewing some of these incredible and brilliant experts. The video library, as well as the information, will be continually added to the site, making it easier for you to download the documents for your own higher awareness. 

BE THE LIGHT FOR THE WORLD - The world is divided right now; we all need to come together, be AWARE as to what you are putting in your body, and detox what is dangerous; rebuild your body, and balance your system for an overall healthy lifestyle. All of us, along with our warriors, need a new reset about what our body needs to be the healthiest it can be in these trying and transformational times of uncertainty. Create your own reality! Take responsibility. It all begins with you and me~~

Enjoy the site, learn what you need, and share the information. We never know when a friend, colleague or neighbor is contemplating dangerous actions. Please help us help them all.



Soulful Rosie has had the honor of working with our fine service members for the last 18 years. She shares her inspirational journey that came to her through a dream she experienced back in 2005 in Southern California. She met a woman who begged her to help the military. This woman was waiting in the lobby of the station after she finished a radio interview about another profound discovery she was sharing. She told her that she will need to pray about this. The dream came to her that night. It was so profound, she woke up shaking, as she knew it came from the great, I Am!


She now dedicates this audacious mission to her family. Rosie's journey of "faith and miracles" was an endearing story of a young mom, who faced incredible health challenges surrounding her sons; one of her sons was the victim of a severe brain injury. Her plea for God to help her with these life-threatening trials caused her to stay true to her promise of giving back, by paying it forward to those who are hurting and in need of answers. This seemed to be the answer she was given, and that would be to offer the miraculous insights she was given for her sons.


To date, she has dedicated the last eighteen years seeking out answers for the overwhelming conditions facing our veterans, first responders and their families; she now has an amazing story to share, with the proven evidenced regarding the advancements she has discovered for the restoration and empowerment of the mind, body and spirit.  This is evident by the path she has taken. Rosie will share these amazing breakthroughs with you, by introducing the experts and scientists she has had the privilege to know through her radio shows and public events across America. Her main goal is to reduce the horrendous suicide and depression epidemic haunting our brave men and women in uniform.


Dr. Janet's brave path has led her to embark on a journey, including dangerous situations, but ultimately lead her to unprecedented miracles and breakthroughs. She finds herself in awe at the brilliant minds she has come to know and respect, with a huge desire to take these advancements to all who may need that touch of miracle in their own lives, as she discovered as a young mom. This inspiring story will tug at your heart strings, giving you hope when you thought all was lost, and  to those who would have never discovered this mystical path of healing. Presently, she is launching her latest phase of this gregarious journey. 


Her final phase of this God-driven mission is sure to offer hope, inspiration and transformation for those who seek answers that have not been available at such a time as this. Rosie's hope and prayer is to be able to embark on this final chapter with what she coins her love crusade that has the potential to blanket the nation, similar to what Jerry Lewis set out to do with Muscular Dystrophy.


Join the Patriot revolution, with her as we come together, with the intention to seek out every warrior in need, and get them the help and treatment they need and deserve. The Patriots-Helping-Patriots Network, and the Mug-of-Love campaign can potentially set the stage for massive reform for getting proper healthcare to our beloved heroes.  Become a part of the Soul-u-tion. 

                                                                                                                                            -Emmett Fox

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