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'When love and Intent align with the Body, Mind and Spirit; We create the 'Art of Soulful Living.'

                   -Soulful Rosie


Dr. Janet Franco (PhD)
Soulful Rosie


Early in her life, as a young mom with four boys, Janet struggled to resolve health issues for her children, including one with a serious head injury and another born with major health challenges. This experience was her motivation to dedicate her life to health and wellness. To that avail, she began what would become a two-decade career as a unique radio personality, introducing advanced products and wellness modalities to the public along with interviewing key professionals.

When listeners suggested that she bring these new advancements to soldiers and veterans facing life-threatening post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, Janet coined the phrase Imagine N.O.W. (Nurturing Our Warriors) and launched it as a movement in 2006, thus beginning a second phase to her career. She became dedicated to helping our brain-injured men and women of the Armed Forces return to normal lives by being a spokeswoman for such modalities as Hyperbaric Oxygen and other new protocols and helping to secure funds for these veterans’ treatment.

Ten years later, Janet co-founded Imagine NOW, a Nevada non-profit, to bring a business structure to her efforts to help veterans and serving men and women. Her efforts have, to date, helped save the lives of more than 6,000 veterans. She currently serves as Imagine NOW Vice President and Director. In addition, Janet recently launched a companion for-profit company “Pay it Forward Network International (PIFN).”  

PIFN was formed to provide proven and state-of-the-art healing modalities, to become a nexus of information and health awareness, and to provide immediate help to veterans and first responders by donating up to half its profits to Imagine NOW. PIFN provides outstanding health and nutritional products to domestic and international markets. The collaboration of PIFN and Imagine NOW fulfills Janet’s life-long vision to heal her children, promote healthy lifestyles and help those in need in the military and beyond.

Janet’s goal is to set the stage for health reform by exploring the greatest breakthroughs in health, wellness, and self-help. Imagine NOW was inspired by her success with other wellness campaigns, her having played a leading role in the grassroots effort to derail an FDA proposal to over-regulate nutritional supplements in 1994. At that time, she led thousands in a campaign to persuade Congress to modify the proposed DSHEA Bill (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) to keep nutritional supplements available over the counter and out of regulatory hands. In recognition of her life-long and selfless dedication to helping others.

'With the normal stuff that comes with a single mother raising fours boys, coupled with navigating the major injuries and nearly fatal illnesses that three of the four of us suffered; we understand that what she was able to do is nothing short of
Super Human.'

-                 -Janet's four sons

Thank you to everyone who has 'made my journey worth every step of the way.  Be it tears of heartache, or joy, on this gregarious journey; to set a new platform for the way we treat humanity, with dignity and love. I am honored to receive this prestigious award.'

   -Dr. Janet Franco,

aka 'Soulful Rosie'

'Janet is one of the most compassionate people I have

every met in my life.'

                                                                           -Dr.Tariku Mekonnen

                                                              CEO Tarikku Mekonnen, LLC

     This crusade to bring Soulful Rosie’s 'Triple Crown Trifecta

of Health and Wellness’ to the masses fulfills Janet’s

life-long vision to heal her children, promote healthy

lifestyles and help those in need. 

    In recognition of her life-long and selfless dedication to helping those less fortunate, New Dimension University of California awarded Janet their highest award to a select few;

an honorary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at a special ceremony and also awarded her

the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’


'I am much happier today - I love that God brought you into my life! As my life coach, thank you for sharing your gifts with me.'

                  -Michael Yanez

       Business professional

      5-time IronMan participent