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  • Did you know that warrior suicide is at epidemic proportions?

  • Did you know that child suicide is also at the highest rate it has ever been?

  • Are you aware that experts have treated over 20,000 warriors with brain injury successfully with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

  • Are you aware of how many people in your city are either depressed, or contemplating suicide?

  • When is the last time you said 'Thanks' to a brave American soldier, veterans, first responder or their family member?

  • Are you aware of how many dogs and horses have saved the lives of our heroes?

This blog that has been launched to help bring vital facts, statistics and how to heal one's life, and pay-it-forward those around us in need! The time for love and healing in NOW!

Hello, I am Dr. Janet Franco A.K.A. Soulful Rosie, and I have been encouraged to share the grime, but necessary statistics surrounding our military, veterans, first responders and their families, with the masses. Why you may ask? When people are aware of the facts, and those who are suffering themselves, are more willing to step up and begin to make a positive change for ourselves and our neighbors.

This comes with the intention to wake people up to the truth! But more importantly, my desire is to bring to all of you, the fantastic and inspiring acts of love, along with how we are moving the markers of science forward, which is bringing an unprecedented amount of healing and transformation to those who are suffering in this time and age.

There has not been a better time than NOW, to take a look at your life, your values, your health and those around you, to start a new path that brings peace, joy and purpose to yourself and the community around you!

The great quote by Emmett Fox is precious and apropos for this uncertain time we are experiencing. "If we can only learn to love enough; we could be the most powerful people in the world!" Wow, can this really be true, that the purity of 'love' can be the most powerful energy on planet earth? The answer is YES!

I prayed a lot about launching this blog. I was in overwhelm recently when I saw so many veterans and even kids that are suffering horrible depression. And, with the state of our world, they are giving up to drugs and ultimately, suicide. Sadly, but true, this has become their 'go-to' after they feel they have lost hope in life, and the leaders who are giving us such horrendous news every day.

I have worked with veterans and warriors over the last two decades. People asked me how I got involved with people who suffer from such grueling mental problems, such as veterans and injured warriors. I tell them my entire mission is how I pay it forward after the years I spent seeking ways to help my own children overcome the head injury my son experienced and the critical condition that haunted my youngest boy for years. I begged God to help my boys. The path started over 30 years ago for me. I learned so much about life, health, and faith, and I promised our creator, that I would help others who suffer from what I had learned. So, that is exactly what I did, and continue to pursue.

To date, I have never lost a veteran or warriors to suicide under my watch. It has been an honor to help them, and give back to the heroes that put their lives on the line, day in and day out. This journey has been a gregarious and dangerous path to say the least, but knowing in my heart, that I am fulfilling my soul's purpose, gives me the peace inside.

My intention in sharing my own story of faith and miracles with all of you, along with those American warriors, everyday citizens and those who make our world a better place, is to bring answers, hope and healing to all who take the time to become a part of this love crusade.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction to this new Soulful Rosie 'Healing the Heartbreak blog. I am honored to bring you a plethora of information, inspiriting stories, experts that are making a difference, and most of all, those little acts of kindness people do every day that main stream overlooks. I am one who has learned the how power joy and love. But, if we don't share those wondrous moments with each other, it is harder to face our own challenges when we feel so alone. I am a survivor and now a soul warrior today because of those amazing people who crossed my path in those dark and troubling times with my boys, that gave me hope and words of encouragement when I needed it the most!

I will close this opening blog post by saying, thank you to all of our brave American Patriots. Those who gave all, and those who suffer every day for their selfless act of bravery offered to keep this country free. For real freedom is NOT free! And of course, all of you. Together, we are stronger, more powerful, and capable of making our lives, our nation and our world a better place for each and every one, and generations yet to come.

As a part of the Treat Now coalition, we have successfully restored the brains of over 20,000 warriors with hyperbaric oxygen therapy! I am excited to bring you some of the world's most advanced health sciences on the market today.

I will be posting this blog twice a week. Please share this with anyone who is suffering from the ills of life, those who are depressed, or suicidal. My goal is to share the good news that offers positive lasting change.

Recently someone told me I was an 'information station' with knowledge they wish the whole world could hear. It inspired me to hear that, and now I want to share some golden nuggets of live with all of you.

Please visit my website and join Rosie's Mug-of-Love Campaign to help us get the word out and help our warriors get the treatment they need to restore their lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Much love to all of you,

Until we meet again, share the love of a smile today!


Soulfully yours,

Dr. Janet A.K.A. Soulful Rosie

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