The 'Triple Crown of Health and Wellness' course! 


The Triple Crown of health and wellness comprises the utilization of proven alternative health modalities to assist people to regain and maintain their optimal health.

The approach is divided into three categories , the first is enhancing the microcirculation and increasing the oxygen concentration in the body, the second is DNA guided supplementationand the third is neurofeedback and Quantum energy healing. The intricate relationship of these non-invasive, drug-free methods will assist the body to heal itself.

    Almost every disease state can be linked to lack of circulation and oxidation

(rusting of the body). The accumulation of free radicals and lack of antioxidants is a common denominator in the formation of disease.

    The Triple Crown curriculum will introduce health professionals of different disciplines, to the application of the modalites and the science behind them. This unique training will provide the insight necessary to support and return the body to homeostasis (steady state).It will also be accredited and provide continuing education credits in the near future.

    The Triple Crown will have a powerful impact on the wellness industry as we forge ahead and implement this protocol in various clinical settings throughout the country.

Introducing Dr. Denise Tropea

Dr Denise Tropea.jpg

Dr. Denise Tropea, an expert podiatrist and surgeon, will be spearheading our 'Triple Crown of Health and Wellness'  series. A curriculum that will focus on the importance of microcirculation, oxygen therapy, DNA repair, and DNA nutrition, supported by the power of quantum energy medicine.

Dr. Tropea will cover the power of neurofeedback to reset the brain waves, creating a powerful series.

This advanced course offers doctors and laymen alike the insights and profound teachings offering the first course of its kind.


A true advancement in the area of health and wellness; a proven, studied protocol that offers the body a way to return to homeostasis (balance).